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For this season, the season of Serenity, of the Get Messy Art Journal challenge I decided to do all my pages in a itty bitty DIY Field Notes sized watercolor journal in my brand new Nerdori. The Pocket Nerdoris will be hitting the shop as soon. Until then, I still have the classic Nerdori in Jet Black available.

Both the journaling prompts and the art prompts for this season so far have been amazing. I like working from prompts because I work well with restrictions and guidelines. I believe most people do, actually. There are a handfull of repeating elements and a very limited color scheme in this little journal.

Also, the journaling itself is super minimal. I don’t often think about serenity so it felt like a stretch for me and I had to write very abstractly. Kinda loved how it turned out and I loved making something so positive.

I have a lot of photos to share so let’s get to it!












The flowers were drawn and painted by me. They’re based on these lovely floral Photoshop brushes from Creative Market that I decided I didn’t want to purchase since I’ve already been shopping a lot in there recently.

I just used my Sakura Pigma Micron in 03 Black to sketch loosely on some watercolor paper since it’s waterproof. Then I used a Kuretake Zig Brush2O and my little watercolor set to color them. Just a single color, nothing fancy.

I love the look of them so unperfect and soft. The watercolor paper adds a bit of texture that is just barely visible and beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Serenity journal.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.

xo Nina

J & A | Scrapbooking Layout


You know what? Thank God for slow computers. (Well, maybe not God per say.)

The other day while I was waiting for my tired ol’ PC to get going I started working on this layout.

The photo was originally on a different layout that I never liked and during a major clean-up session in my office/scrap room/storage room/giant mess I finally ripped it off that ugly page so I could start over.


It’s been forever since I did any scrapbooking. Months. Turns out it’s like riding a bike.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a nice white background, a little splash of mist and a summery fresh color scheme.


The no. 2 circle, the happy mail cut-out and the yellow label are all from the free Kraft & Calm printable sheet you get when you sign up for my newsletter. Just sayin’. :)

Thanks for stopping by, my paper loving friend. See you soon!

PS. I’m working hard on finishing the 2016 versions of all my planners. I may have even found a good professional printer that can help me make beautiful physical prints for all you ladies and gents who are into receiving nice high-quality, lovingly hole-punched, yummy planner inserts by happy snail mail instead of having to fuzz with printing at home. A lot of you have asked for this so I’m super pleased to be able to offer that soon.

xo Nina

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2015 Project Life Catch Up Checklist | Free Printable


This week I’m working hard on catching up on my Project Life. I’m about 6 months behind and I should probably be worried but I’m not. I have a plan.

My main thing with Project Life this year is that I’ve set it up to be easily catch-up-able (yes, that’s a word). So as of this week I’m rummaging through my digital photo albums and getting everything ready for printing. That’s the worst of it, really.

If you know me you know that I can’t just proceed straight to the actual work. I need a printable to go with it. And I’m sharing it with you so that you too can start methodically catching up too.

Download the free Project Life Catch Up Checklist printable (A5 PDF)


It’s meant to be printed on A5 but you can resize it if that’s your jam.


Now print these suckers, put on ‘Eye Of The Tiger‘ and get scrappin’.

Good luck and have fun! (Fist emoji!)

xo Nina

Currently | August 2015

Currently in August 2015 | Nina is a paper nerd

Since crafting time is very limited at the moment I want to share what I’m currently up to. I borrowed the prompts from the lovely Kellie Winnell since they’re just perfect.

Feeling | motivated-ish to tackle some overdue things. (Wow, that was convincing, huh.)

Loving | the planner community and industry. Hello dream job, for real.

Reading | an excessive amount of random click-baity articles on Facebook.

Drinking | flat left-over cola.

Anticipating | fall any time now. Summer is flying by.

Listening to | the Magic Lessons podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert.

Watching | Desperate Housewives.

Planning | so many things. Too many things.

Looking forward to | regular work days. And the second I think about it my heart hurts ’cause I’ll miss Anders like absolute hell when January comes and he’ll start daycare.

Creating | a combined project and daily planner for 2016, the Paper Nerd Planner. Slow and steady. Here’s hoping I finish before the end of this year.

Finishing | a major purge and clean-up of the entire apartment. Still need to go through my shirts, the top drawer of my nightstand and most of my office.

Wishing | I had Steffen home with me every day, working from home. We’re so in sync and being together is the best.

I hope that you’re doing great, my friend, and enjoying the summer – however warm or cold it is in your part of the world. And if you feel like it, please answer this…

Question of the Day: do you combine your personal and project planning in one planner?

xo Nina

DIY Traveler’s Notebook Folder | Tutorial


If you’re one of those peeps who actually travel with your traveler’s notebook, here’s a tutorial for you. Or if you just like making and having neat things, this is also for you.

Let’s make a super easy non-die-cut-machine folder for our traveler’s notebook!


You’ll need

  • 12×12 sheet of patterned paper or cardstock
  • paper trimmer (or xacto knife and ruler)
  • scoring tool
  • adhesive
  • optional: scissors
  • optional: corner rounder


Step 1. Cut the paper down to 12 x 10.5 inches / 30,5 x 27 cm.


Step 2. Score down the center.

Step 3. Score down each side at 1.5 inches / 3,8 cm in from each side.

Step 4. Score along the bottom at 2.12 inches / 5,5 cm in from the bottom.

Step 5. Cut away sections of the sides and bottom as shown in the photo. Note: It doesn’t matter how far down you cut the side sections – it’s just a matter of preference and taste. You don’t even have to cut the sides down, if you don’t wanna.


Step 6. Turn paper over and fold the sides and bottom in, scoring with the scoring tool.

Step 7. Adhere the side flaps to the bottom flaps.


Optional step 8. Round the corners with a corner rounding punch.


Step 9. Slide it in your traveler’s notebook and enjoy!

So how cool is this, huh! Now you can bring your fave stickers, prints, sticky notes and lists with you everywhere you take your traveler’s notebook. And you didn’t even need to plug your die-cut machine in.


Hope you like it – and have fun making beautiful folders!

xo Nina

PS. My colorful folder is wrapped around my lovely Dailies journal. The berry sticky notes are by Kikki K. and the word cut out sheet is a free printable.

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