2015 Week Number Cards | Now on Etsy

Project Life Week Number Cards by Nina Christensen, Paper Nerd

Hey Paper Nerds

I’m very happy to say that the 2015 Week Number Cards are now available in my shop! (And psst, there’s a great coupon code further down.)

I enjoy the rhythm a weekly card gives. I enjoy the ease of not having to find alpha stickers or Thickers to spell out the weeks as I go along. I enjoy the impact of simplicity. That’s a few of the reasons why I’m so delighted to bring back the Week Number Cards for 2015.

I also enjoy choice. That’s why I’ve created multiple styles of the Week Number Cards this year. Here’s a quick overview.

The Black & White version is returning and the new Mermaids and Tide editions are introduced, drawing inspiration from the sea and beaches here in my hometown. Even though we do not have actual mermaids. ;)

Also, every style comes with both Monday through Sunday and Sunday through Saturday versions!

Project Life Week Number Cards by Nina Christensen, Paper Nerd

What you get in each set

  • Instantly downloadable digital files:
  • print-ready 14 page PDFs with all Week Number Cards for 2015
    • Both A4 and letter-size PDFs
    • Both Monday-Sunday and Sunday-Saturday PDFs
    • includes 3 Extra designs: Hello 2015, Small Label Card and Large Label Card for journaling
  • 53 individual Week Number Cards as JPEGS (300 DPI)
    • Both Monday-Sunday and Sunday-Saturday versions
  • 3 individual Extra cards (as described above) as JPEGS (300 DPI)

The great thing about buying digital files on Etsy is that you can download them as many times as you please. There’s no pressure to hand onto certain files or passwords (other than your Etsy login of course :) ).

Paper Nerd Etsy Coupon Code for Week Number Cards

‘Catchemall’ Special offer & how it works

Right now get all three Week Number Card sets for the price of two! Just put all three sets of Week Number Cards in your Etsy Shopping cart and enter ‘CATCHEMALL‘ when you check out to receive your discount.

This means you can mix and match your Week Number Cards throughout 2015 – especially handy since each individual card can be printed seperately. You pick and choose! :)

The coupon is valid for the rest of the week (until Sunday October 6th 2014).

A closer look at the Mermaids Edition

Project Life Week Number Cards by Nina Christensen, Paper Nerd

And a closer look at the Tide Edition

Project Life Week Number Cards by Nina Christensen, Paper Nerd

Before I pop out, here’s a favorite layout from this year’s Project Life featuring the Week Number Card. <3

By the way, last year’s cards are now reduced to just $1.50. So if you’re doing Project Life here in 2014 this is a great deal!

Project Life spread by Nina Christensen, Paper Nerd

I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from all you lovely paper nerds about the cards in the past year– it’s just a thrill for me to bring ‘em back in 2015. Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to grab the cards this week while the special offer is on! :)

xo Nina

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My sweet baby girl Ada is four years old

Four years ago this little creature came into my life. She keeps blessing me with her precious being every day and I can never begin to explain how lucky and happy I am to know her.

I can’t even write a proper blog post to celebrate her ’cause I can’t see my screen for tears of pride and love.

Happy Birthday, Ada. I love you so, so much.

– Mom

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Every direction is forward | Get Messy Art Journal

Get Messy Art Journaling Challenge week 39 | Nina Christensen | Paper Nerd

Hey paper nerds!

The September Get Messy art journal prompt is to describe your dream life and what you would do if you were courageous enough to go for it.

This was hard for me to be really specific about. For me, my dream life is pretty much about doing what I love. Yes, I’m referring to work. So much of my life (partner, kids, home) is exactly how I want it  and I don’t have any aspirations for mountain climbing or other wild adventures. But I do need to sort out this work life of mine that I think is so important.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Seanwes Podcasts lately (thanks for the recommendation, Caylee!) and this one about being a Jack of all trades and trying different paths before settling on the one thing that makes you tick, the one thing you want to master, really hit home with me.

I have never been afraid to change paths (interests) and my sister always tells me that when I find a new passion I do it one thousand percent. Guilty. But it’s a good thing (as Sean and Ben confirms in the podcast)! I’m still not sure what’ll be my thing but I’m getting warmer. As long as I keep moving.

GO. Don’t be scared to keep moving. Any direction is FORWARD.

Get Messy Art Journaling Challenge week 39 | Nina Christensen | Paper Nerd

PS. I was happy to discover that Sodalicious are releasing a bunch of new art journal sizes and designs (release date TBA). They’re my ultimate favorite books for art journaling so I thought I’d pass the news along to you, my fellow paper addict. ;) You’re welcome!

PPS. The labels used in this week’s spread are a new printable I’ve created for my shop. I love labels and I’m always looking for sets of them that aren’t too samey (I don’t like too many repeats in one project) but also not too crazy colored. That’s why I’ve been working on a bunch of easily usable, beautiful labels. More on that soonish. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, dear. Have a lovely day!

xo Nina

This project is part of the Get Messy Art Journal Challenge created by Caylee and Lauren. You can join too! #getmessyartjournal

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Don’t be afraid. | Get Messy Art Journal


Hey gang.

I feel like I’m never gonna run outta art journaling material with the mood swings I’m having lately. Woah. One minute I’m feeling intensely happy, the next I feel like I never want to leave my bed and I want to cancel every appointment and return my adulthood to wherever it came from ’cause I don’t want it.

Life is hard, baby. And this week’s Get Messy Art Journal spread is a note to self. A reminder that everything’s probably gonne be just fine.

The subject and title might seem gloomy but I assure you I was feeling good when I created this. Maybe I was just high on modeling paste mixed with my fave Mr. Huey ‘Audrey’. Can you blame me?


The best way to mix color and modeling paste is to:

  • Lay out a craft sheet (or another flat, plastic-y surface that won’t absorb the product or break when you mix).
  • Pour ink mist (or whatever medium you’re using) into the sheet. Most dye ink pads (especially Distress inks) can be rubbed onto the sheet for color.
  • Scoop modeling paste onto the craft sheet with a spatula. Place is next to the color.
  • Use the spatula to smear the color into the paste.
  • Keep smearing/scooping back and forth on the sheet until the mixture is nice and evenly colored. Or keep it unevenly colored if that floats your boat. Just make sure the texture is nice and thick all around.
  • Done! Have fun applying to your project!


It doesn’t show up that well in my photos, but before adding the paste I sprayed the pages with lovely gold and yellow ink mist. That gold sheen is to die for!

Thanks for stopping by, lovely.

xo Nina

This project is part of the Get Messy Art Journal Challenge created by Caylee Grey. You can join too! #getmessyartjournal

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30 Days of Lists | Lists 8 through 14

Hey paper nerds! Today I’ve got the next seven lists (8 through 14) of my #30lists mini album for this September.

I made a quick video where I go through the lists and my thoughts on them. Hope you enjoy!

Watch Lists 8 through 14 on YouTube | Subscribe to my crafty channel

Useful links

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo Nina

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