Art Journal | XX


Hey gang.

I’m very pleased to share this little art journal with you – finally. I thought I’d add more to it or change some stuff but after a few months of being like this I feel like it’s probably done. :)

The journal theme is me, the woman. And other women. And gender. I used the prompts and inspiration provided in this very lovely class You Go Girl by Kara Haupt. The journal construction is heavily inspired by the journal Kara shared in the class. It’s bangin’.


The cover is made from transparency painted with gesso and titled XX with pink spray ink.

It likes to spring right open since the transparency is not that great for folding so I keep a yellow clip closure on it.



The pages are made from dress pattern paper that’s been decoupaged together.



It’s my body.



Thoughts on being viewed as ‘delicate’.

I realize you cant read my journaling in these pages. That’s on purpose ’cause it’s kinda personal. If you manage to pick up parts of it that’s fine too. :)


Maternal instinct.




… and gentlemen.


Ladies I admire: Beyonce. Lady Gaga. Sokolum. Missy Elliott. Lauryn Hill.

I could mention about a thousand ladies I admire, really.


Cheesy Sex & the City quotes. I watched that show to pieces.

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.

- Carrie Bradshaw


Thanks for stopping by, babe. Hope you liked it.

xo Nina

PS. Finishing this class is part of my #ittybittygoals. Goal no. 5: Finish You Go Girl class by Kara Haupt.

PPS. Like my new photo backdrop? Yeah.

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Currently | Weeks 27 and 28


Hey gang.

It’s been a few weeks since I last shared what’s current with me so tonight I’m sharing two weeks worth of Currently lists.

When I have zero time (or zero mojo) this project is almost too easy to keep up with. It’s so simple and I love my lists. I love writing them, I love keeping them. And I love seeing the colorful, patterned ‘spine’ of the book (photo above). I mean, seriously. Oh for cute.


For week 27 I got all fancy and used a minty card from the Best Thing v2 printables plus a french-looking sticker. Crafty me!


Week 28 features the handwriting of a 4 year old. (It’s actually me… Don’t ask me what happened.)

As you can see from both cards in the ‘Reading‘ prompt, I’m making strides towards reaching my #ittybittygoals for reading this year. I’m not a big reader by any means. Too much ADD. But a little summer vacation, longs hours in the backseat of a car and some really good (and randomly lucky) book picks truly help.

Thanks for stopping by.

xo Nina

Note: Currently Lists are my favourite way to document some of the most important things (big and small) from my everyday life. The precious details that we so easily forget. The Currently Lists Challenge is created by Kristin Tweedale of Check out Currently Lists on Instagram and the Currently Lists Facebook group. And join in with the free downloadable Original Currently Journaling Card. #currentlylist

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12 in 14 | Geometric challenge


Hey gang!

I’m finally home from my trip to France and ready to get crafty with y’all. (I said y’all. Can you tell I’m excited?)

For the month of July my challenge to you is to make something using geometric shapes.

Here’s what I created.


Initially my plan was to go all out with the shapes but somehow that just didn’t happen. This amount of geometric shapes is pretty average for me. :D I just love em!

I stamped a bunch of triangles, both outlined and solid below my photo cluster. The rest of the layout is pretty straight-forward.


I’m quite pleased with the amount of old product used here. I’m all for using stuff up.

Can you spot the Sassafras stickers? (And then my heart breaks a little bit.)


Inspiration from the Stromsvigt ladies


Here’s what my girls created as inspiration for you this month. Two completely different takes on the ‘geometric’ style.

Kat’s killing it with tons of photos and crosses. Love it! And Magdalena blows my mind with her triangles and stitching. Pure awesome, girl.

 Loading InLinkz ...



And the June challenge winner is….

Janine from Bunt & Glücklich. Big huge congrats, girl! I love you layout – it’s right up my alley! I’ll be sending you your Gift Card for Jet Pens shortly.

Remember, winners are always chosen at random, in case anyone’s wondering. :)

Thanks to everyone who participated. :) Especially Karina who I can always count on for super lovely submissions. <3

See you soon, my friend.

xo Nina

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Vacation Mini Album Prep | France 2014


Hey gang.

Very soon me and the family gang will be headed to France on summer vacation. It’s been a while since I’ve been vacationing for real and I’m very excited to have Steffen and Ada with me there for the first time.

Obviously, I’ve been prepping a mini album for some of the photos we’ll take in France. It’s 6×8 inches so it’ll fit one full 4×6 photo or two smaller ones on every page, still leaving some breathing room for me to embellish and journal.

As of now it’s super simple but It’s probably be quite busy looking once I’m done.


I’m so into pairing corals and pinks with navy lately. And on top of kraft it just doesn’t seem to get any better.

The album is bound with a white 3/4 inch spiral on my Bind-It-All. I love that machine.

I added light blue machine stitching in random spots all around my pages (before I bound it together).


I won’t be taking the album with me on the trip, though. Instead I’ll be working on it when I get home ’cause I really don’t want to bring a lot of stuff with me and I’d rather just be there and savor it. I’ll probably bring a little notebook to jot in details as we go so I won’t get it too mixed up when we get back and it’s time to assemble.

Are you making a summer album this year?

Hope you enjoyed this little preview. Have a lovely Monday, friends, and thanks for stopping by!

xo Nina

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Living in Nyborg is a beautiful thing


When I first moved to Nyborg more than five years ago I wasn’t feeling it. Coming from one of the biggest cities in Denmark, Nyborg felt so small-town. And it kind of is.

I never expected to fall for this place like I have.

To say that Nyborg has everything would be a stretch to say the least. But it’s a wonderful place for several reasons that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

Nyborg was the capital of Denmark from around year 1100 to around 1400. (That’s a crazy fact. Thanks Wikipedia.) And the city is doing so much good work keeping the old buildings, the ramparts and everything in perfect shape and super clean. It’s a pleasure to walk the cobble stone streets. And any time you peek into an alley there are beautiful half-timbered houses and odd little gardens.

There’s also an abundance of medieval festivals and events around here. See that castle pictured above? I’ve shot arrows from a wooden bow in the basement of that place. If that’s not cool I dunno what is.


And then there’s the sea.

I’ve recently moved to the harbour in Nyborg – essentially at the center of the city. It’s always buzzing with life and at night the teenagers are hanging out there drinking beer (a not-so-lovely but typical Danish thing) and shouting and laughing. Nothing crazy though. Everything is mellowed at the harbour.

We’re surrounded by water. You can go to the beaches in Nyborg or the tip of the harbour and take in the watery horizon. It’s not like living in the city where there’s always something in all directions. It’s blank and flat, calm and fresh. It’s white space, so to speak. And who doesn’t love a bit of white space?


There’s so much more to say about this place but I feel like I’m rambling. :)

So thank you so much for stopping by. It means a lot to me.

If you’re in love with a special place, tell me about it in the comments. I’m feeling sentimental. <3

Have a great weekend, my friend.

xo Nina

25 Beautiful Things is a blog series about appreciating the little and big things in life. I think about this a lot and want to share some of these thoughts with you throughout 2014 and beyond. There’s just so much to be thankful for. If you’d like to share something you’re especially thankful for right now, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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