How To Get Your Kid Excited About Drawing


I’m a big believer in teaching kids to use their creativity from an early age. Teaching them to be unafraid of expressing themselves and working that imagination muscle to boot.

Drawing is one of the most fabulous and easily accessible ways to create – at any age. Here are three tips on getting the special little boy or girl in your life excited about drawing.


Let them use the good stuff

And by that I don’t mean expensive stuff. There are plenty of affordable markers, pens, paper, paint and brushes that work extremely well. I say, don’t let inferior tools get in the way of good work. My Ada will typically get much less frustrated with her drawings if she’s using good and juicy markers, so she can focus on her imagery rather than worry about skipping, streaking, weak/weird color, etc.

Also, chances are you’ll much rather want to keep and treasure a beautifully vibrant colored drawing on a nice piece of paper. So get rid of those dried up markers, buy paper that’s a notch up from thin printer paper and let your kid use some decent stuff.

I recommend going for brands like Crayola, Stabilo, Faber-Castell, Staedtler, etc. Pretty much anything that’s a brand will usually work. IKEA also have some nice drawing and painting supplies. Or let your kid use your stuff. It’s scary, I know, (eeek, my Tombows!) but let’s face it: We need to stop hoarding and start using. Kids are great at that.


Draw together

Take time to create together with your kid. For them, drawing is play. It’s story telling.

Drawing things and people is also a great opportunity to teach them about new things and go deeper on some topics while their hands are busy – so you have their full attention.

It’s a calm and loving activity. And you get to express yourself too with someone who doesn’t judge. Perfect!


Proudly display their works of art

Yes, kids make a ton of things and there’s no way you can display all of it – but make it a point to display your favorite and most recent pieces of art around the house. It’s an absolute joy to look at and your kid will enjoy seeing his or her creations being honored and treasured.


I hope you feel inspired to encourage a kid in your life to get drawing. Even if that kid is yourself. :) Seriously, these tips work just as well for grown-ups.

I’ll be sharing more tips and ideas for crafting with kids in the near future. I make a lot with Ada (even with little Anders) and I always regret not taking pictures of the process and sharing it here. If you have any requests for ideas on crafting with kids, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll see you next week!

xo Nina

My Favorite Permanent Pens


Permanent pens are must-have in your line-up of tools. It’s like the eyeliner of paper crafting. When you need it, you need it to work. To stay put and look flawless.

First, I wanna quickly talk about the reason I need a good permanent pen these days.


As we’re kicking off the Season of Words in my fave art journaling community I’ve prepared a little book for all the prompts of this season.

The book is made from kraft printer paper and every other page is vellum. (The cover is the gorgeous floral world map paper from the Brimfield kit by Studio Calico, for those who are curious. It’s stapled together with a long-reach stapler.)


This vellum is beautiful and thick but it also has a slick surface that requires a good permanent pen if I wanna journal on it. Enter my favorite, most used black permanent pens.

The Sharpie Retractable Permanent Marker, Fine Point

There’s nothing ‘fine’ about the point of this marker and to be honest I mostly use it to write my daughter’s name on her toys before she brings them to kindergarten. And I thought I’d mention it just for that reason ’cause I do use it a lot for that. It’s lasted me more than a year (maybe two) and is still nice and juicy. It has a big, rounded felt tip and comes off as a dark grey.

Find it on Amazon.

The Kuretake ZIG Photo Signature Pen, size 5

This used to be my absolute fave and I’ve had it forever. I’m talking 4 years and counting. It has a smooth flow of ink from it’s tiny felt tip. The only issue I have with this is the color payoff, like like the previous one. It comes off more muted, like a dark grey rather than a black.

Find it on Amazon.

The Pilot PermaBall (aka MultiBall) Pen, size M

My current fave and the one I’ll be using in my journal. It’s black as night and super inky. It’s has a ball point which causes the flow and the lines to be slightly uneven (not my fave look) but it’s just so beautifully black. The other pens look faded in comparison.

For some reason this pen is named PermaBall here in Denmark but a little Internet research shows that it’s known as the PowerBall pretty much everywhere else. The PermaBall and PowerBall pens are identical in shape, grip, ink etc. – only the names and casing colors differ.

Find it on Amazon and

I wanna mention that I’ve had a bunch of American Crafts Slick Writers but they all died on me pretty quickly. Not impressed.


Do you have a favorite go-to permanent pen? I’d love to hear your recommendations. Finding the perfect permanent pen is like finding a unicorn, and it’s something I’m determined to do.

I hope you’re having a lovely day!

xo Nina

How I share billions of baby photos without annoying everyone


I have a real hot tip for you today about sharing photos (and videos!) to your heart’s content without bombarding everyone’s feeds and annoying all your friends.

Note: This particular tip is for iPhone only. I’ve never had an android phone or free access to one so I can’t provide any tips for my android peeps. Sorry!

So. If you have an iPhone then you’re all set to do this. I’m talking about the magic of iCloud Photo Sharing.

It’s magic ’cause…

  • It’s easy. No need to transfer photos, no creating new accounts on yet another platform, none of that.
  • You only share with select people. And you can allow them to share their photos in your album too. This is great for documenting trips and events.


Here’s how you get started with iCloud Photo Sharing

  • Open your Photos app.
  • Select the Shared tab at the bottom center.
    There’s Photos, Shared and Albums tabs in the main view. You wanna select the middle one.
  • Select + in the top left corner. Now you can create your own shared album.
  • Name your shared album, fx. Road Trip Fall 2015, and proceed to add participants. Then select Create.
  • Boom! Done! You have a fresh new photo album.

Now the participants you invited need to accept the invitation before they can access the album and interact. But you don’t need to wait for that. You can get sharing right away!


Here’s how you share photos on iCloud Photo Sharing

  • Simply open the Photos app and go to your Camera Roll.
    If you can’t find it it’s in the Albums tab at the bottom right of the main view.
  • Find a photo or video you want to share and select the sharing icon (the little box with the arrow going up) in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Now select iCloud Photo Sharing from the list.
  • Add a comment* to the photo or video if you want and be sure you have the right iCloud album selected to share in in case you have multiple albums. It will usually remember to post to the album you posted in previously.
  • Select Post. That’s it!

*Note: Comments (or captions) can only be like 250 characters long. The app will not tell you if you surpassed that number of characters, it will simply not include the caption at all. Not cool, Photos app, but I will forgive you because you RULE at everything else. So keep those captions short, folks.


Bonus Tip! Use photos from iCloud Photo Sharing in your Collect app for easy Project Life-ing

Yes, you can totally access the photos from the iCloud albums and add them to your Collect albums too. This is so awesome because now you can include other people’s photos in your Project Life without having to bother them to send you photos or try to grab badly over-compressed images off Facebook or Instagram.

You can get Collect in the app store for very little $$ if that’s your jam. It sure is my jam!

Here’s what you do:

  • Open the Collect app.
  • Select a date to start adding a photo. In the ‘Add photo from‘ pop up menu select Photo Library.
  • It will take you to your Camera Roll per default. Instead you wanna select Albums in the very top left corner.
  • Now select you iCloud Photo Sharing album from the list. It will appear with the name you gave it. Mine is called Familien i Nyborg, as you can tell in the photo above.
  • Now you can browse and select the photos from your shared album just like you would with your normal Camera Roll. Enjoy!

Bonus Bonus Tip: Notice the blue triangle in the corner of the photos when you’re browsing via Collect? All photos with the blue triangle are taken on the date you selected in the Collect calendar view. This makes it super easy to make sure you select a photo from a particular day and don’t get it all mixed up for your Project Life. Fancy, huh!

I love Collect. Can’t say that enough. And I LOVE iCloud Photo Sharing. It’s been a game changer since having my son and wanting to flood the grandparents with photos – without annoying all my friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope this was helpful to you. I sure wish I’d have known about this built-in feature a long time ago.

Happy sharing!

xo Nina

The 2016 Pastel Day Planner is here!


It’s here!

The 2016 Pastel Day Planner is out now – as both a digital print-at-home version and as a physical print!

Yes, you heard me. This year I’m also offering the Pastel Day Planner as a beautiful, professionally printed, hole-punched, ready-to-use planner.

If you’re itching to get a closer look, lemme just tell you that right now I have a special Early Nerd introductory price throughout September on all the 2016 Pastel Day Planners. And most importantly: The new planners start in October 2015 – yes, that’s less than a month from now. Get the most bang for your buck and pick your 2016 planner today.


If you’re not familiar with the Pastel Day Planner here’s the scoop.

The Pastel Day Planner features:

  • Weekly Spreads with three to-dos per day, week numbers, all-week to-dos and my own invention: The Daily Habits Tracker.
  • Week Overview Spreads with three boxes per week for your weekly activities, fx. weekly projects, blog post planning, newsletter planning, health and fitness planning, etc.
  • A brand new addition: The Monthly Spreads – for keeping an eye on the bigger picture, birthdays, pay days, travel and more.


The big picture stuff is my weakness in planning so I’m super excited to get started on planning my months from October and onward. And I love that it’s colorful so even if I neglect it in certain periods it’s still pretty and inviting.

The Pastel Day Planner is where functional meets cute. If you don’t believe me just check out this very scientific Venn diagram below. I’m serious though – this planner is the closest I’ll come to having planner peace. It’s got the right amount overview with overwhelm. And the right amount of decoration without distraction.

Let’s make 2016 the best one yet. A fresh start with a fresh planner.
Get your 2016 Pastel Day Planner today

Much love

Serenity Journal | Get Messy Art Journal


For this season, the season of Serenity, of the Get Messy Art Journal challenge I decided to do all my pages in a itty bitty DIY Field Notes sized watercolor journal in my brand new Nerdori. The Pocket Nerdoris will be hitting the shop as soon. Until then, I still have the classic Nerdori in Jet Black available.

Both the journaling prompts and the art prompts for this season so far have been amazing. I like working from prompts because I work well with restrictions and guidelines. I believe most people do, actually. There are a handfull of repeating elements and a very limited color scheme in this little journal.

Also, the journaling itself is super minimal. I don’t often think about serenity so it felt like a stretch for me and I had to write very abstractly. Kinda loved how it turned out and I loved making something so positive.

I have a lot of photos to share so let’s get to it!












The flowers were drawn and painted by me. They’re based on these lovely floral Photoshop brushes from Creative Market that I decided I didn’t want to purchase since I’ve already been shopping a lot in there recently.

I just used my Sakura Pigma Micron in 03 Black to sketch loosely on some watercolor paper since it’s waterproof. Then I used a Kuretake Zig Brush2O and my little watercolor set to color them. Just a single color, nothing fancy.

I love the look of them so unperfect and soft. The watercolor paper adds a bit of texture that is just barely visible and beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Serenity journal.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.

xo Nina