Currently | Week 15 + Baron Fig Notebook review


Hey gang!

I’m back with a Currently list from the past week and some neat little things I’d love to share with you. So let’s get to it!


1. Hama beads in the shape of a dinosaur by Ada (that I keep forgetting to iron) and add to my massive collection of bead figures. <3 | 2. The Dot Grid Confidant notebook by Baron Fig. Review below! | 3. Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge on YouTube (it’s so good!). | 4. My Currently List mini book. | 5. VersaColor Pink pigment ink by Tsukineko. | 6. Lovely spring lips.


I just added a new favorite pink pigment ink to my shop. I’m so into pink at the moment! I’m even leaving my comfort zone of ‘my lips but better’ lipsticks and trying some pinks and an occasional orange. From left to right: Vanilla Creme Pie Butter Gloss by NYX (gorgeous, soft pink), Passionata Pink Lip Pen (super bold and long-lasting) by H&M and Papaya Punch Lip Pen (sheer like a tinted balm) by H&M.


Last year I discovered a Kickstarter project called Baron Fig – Sketchbook & Notebooks for thinkers. I don’t even remember how I came across it, but it just sounded really interesting and I decided to support it. So then, a month or two ago, I received my reward: 3 lovely Baron Fig notebooks. In the above photo you can see my Dot Grid Confidant that I use for very loose ideas and thoughts. I have a Blank Confidant I use for actual product sketches and other blog & business stuff.

The Baron Fig serves the same purpose as a Moleskine, basically. It’s stripped of anything unnecessary.

Moleskines feel more luxurious in a way – the pages in a Moleskine are smoother and the embossed leather cover makes it feel expensive. Baron Figs are bound in light grey cloth and have a woven yellow bookmark. They feel a bit more cheeky and modern-hipster than a Moleskine which is totally fine for me. I love having both options.

I hope you found this useful and interesting. I want to share more of what I love on my blog so if you’re into pens, notebooks, anything paper nerdy, really, than stick around. :)

Have a wonderful day, my friend. Thanks for stopping by!

xo Nina

Note: Currently Lists are my favourite way to document some of the most important things (big and small) from my everyday life. The precious details that we so easily forget. The Currently Lists Challenge is created by Kristin Tweedale of Check out Currently Lists on Instagram and the Currently Lists Facebook group. And join in with the free downloadable Original Currently Journaling Card. #currentlylist

Layout + video | This is a new beginning


Hey gang.

I thought I’d show you a different take on a grid design (which happens to be the April crafty 12 in 14 challenge!) and show you a super easy way to get ‘griddy’ that still leaves room to make a mess and all that goodness.

It’s kind of cheating (or a shortcut, rather) but it counts as a grid in my book! Now, onto the crafting…

Watch the video Layout | A different take on grid design on YouTube | Check out my YouTube channel

So that’s all there is to it. I hope you enjoyed my video!


By the way, wouldn’t it look so cool with journaling written on those misted lines? Yeah, exactly.

Also, will you look at the grid perfection that is Kat’s 12 in 14 layout for April? Yum. Thanks for sharing.


Ps. I know that was the largest sneak of anything ever, but I just couldn’t crop any more of it away. I just couldn’t!

I hope you feel inspired to try out a grid for your next layout (or other crafty project).

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to enter in the April grid design challenge to win a super cute pencil case. Have a great day!

xo Nina

Currently | Week 14


Hey gang! It’s time for the latest Currently list, so check that out in the above photo.

I also a few bits and bobs from my desk that I want to share with you.

1. White & mint bowl from Søstrene Grene (physical shop) with sequins and tapes. | 2. Large Monthly Planner from | 3. Pilot FriXion Ball Slim gel pens from | 4. Copper faux leather mini notebook from Søstrene Grene (physical shop). | 5. Drawings by Ada of herself, Steffen and me. <3 | 6. Currently List mini book. | 7. Rose pink jelly case from


I’m super happy with the jelly case for my phone. It’s very simple and clean-looking. I also love that I can easily lean it against the bathroom mirror and other places to watch videos when I’m putting on makeup, cooking or whatever. So lovely!

Ada’s cute drawings are KILLING ME right now. They’re so awesome and she makes them with such love and care. She’ll walk up to me with her hands behind her back and tell me she made something for me and – tada! – a sweet drawing accompanied by a story and a shy smile, awaiting my praise.


I’ve been wanting to test out a monthly planner for a while too ’cause my weekly pages in the Filofax planner and Kikki K. planner (opens on YouTube) don’t give me enough of an overview. I love the simple design of this big planner. It’s A4 or roughly letter-sized. Since there are no months or dates printed in it I can start the planner in April and not waste any pages. I’m using a simple color coding system (pink = blog, purple = to do, blue = everything else) with my erasable Frixion pens. I’ll be posting about those soon.

So that’s it for my Currently update. Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo Nina

Note: Currently Lists are my favourite way to document some of the most important things (big and small) from my everyday life. The precious details that we so easily forget. The Currently Lists Challenge is created by Kristin Tweedale of Check out Currently Lists on Instagram and the Currently Lists Facebook group. And join in with the free downloadable Original Currently Journaling Card. #currentlylist

12 in 14 | Grid design challenge


Hey guys. It’s the first Monday of a brand new month and that means a new challenge!

For April I want you to try one of the most interesting layouts/project designs: The grid design. I hate a lov/hate relationship with grids. Mostly I love it (I’m a graphic designer <3 ) but when it comes to scrapbooking I’m really not the orderly type.

But who says grids need to be boring, right? So let me show you what I made this month.


This page definitely falls under the category ‘simple‘. I would’ve stitched a border and some details but … well, I never got around to it.


I printed a grid of photos and added a Good Words card on top that fit the theme of the page. I’m so in love with that lil’ chipmunk, I tell ya. #adarocks

By the way, aren’t those alpha stickers ultra cute? I love the style, color and how they’re peeling up.


I stamped some pink details using a new ink I’ll be adding to the shop this week along with the Good Stuff and Classic You stamp sets.

That’s it for me. I hope you liked the layout!

Be sure to check out what my girl Magdalena (Rockermorsan) created for the challenge.


Bonus: She gives some awesome advice on picking photos for a grid layout. Thanks, girl!


Next point of business today is naming the winner of the March challenge, of course. Say a big congrats to…

Karina Beck!


Thanks for submitting your lovely card to the challenge. I’ve already sent your prize in the mail: A limited edition ‘A beautiful thing’ wood stamp from the Stromsvigt shop. Enjoy!

If you wanna create and win in April, read on.

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april-prize The above photo is from where I bought the pen case.

Good luck, everyone! I hope you’ll join in the fun. And thank you so much for stopping by.

Ps. Mid-month I’ll be posting a video on my YouTube channel with another grid design for inspiration. And also ’cause I like to make stuff. :) I’ll also be revealing the monthly challenges extra-early on YouTube from now on, so subscribe to my channel if you want in on all that goodness.


xo Nina

Layout + video | Still finding me


Hey gang.

I got the idea for this layout when I was writing up the 12 in 14 March challenge post. (It’s too late to submit entries to win the monthly prize but I hope you’ll give this technique a )I was listing ways to do ombre looks and suddenly tought how cool it’d be to create an ombre effect using stamping. Way cool, right?

I filmed the making of this page, so please watch and enjoy!

Watch the Still Finding Me layout tutorial on YouTube | Check out my YouTube channel

That’s it. :) I hope you enjoyed. As mentioned before, I’m still such a YouTube noob so I hope you’ll forgive any fumbling.

Let’s finish this post with a few shots of the layout. I love that crafting aftermath, when the project is done and all the materials are scattered around it.


And a fav close-up…


Thanks for stopping by!

xo Nina