Basic newborn pants, to be exact.

Yes, I’ve added ‘sewing stuff for litlle ones’ to the never ending list of things I MUST do or I’m a lazy un-fabulous person. So a few weeks ago I picked up a modest amount of patterned fabric, some liner and pant fabric. And of course some miscs like piping, various kinds of elastics, buttons and what-nots. ‘Cause I didn’t really have any materials to get going! Every few years I decide ‘Yeah, sure. I can probably sew’ and then at the very first sight of something NOT working out like I had hoped I drop it and chuck out all the stuff after a while.

That’s why I’m not even gonna start a category called ‘Sewing’ on my blog. I know this’ll blow over soon but until then… behold these basic newborn pants!

I made ‘em for my niece Johanne–hence the ‘J’ reverse applique thingy on the pocket there. Mhm, I sure did! They’re a nice plum purple-ish color with elastic waist and cuffs. The pockets are just for decoration ’cause they’ll just look so darn cute on that giant cloth-diaper behind of hers! I went all Amy Tangerine with this (if I do say so myself) and loving it! Need to make something like this for Ada-love.

I used this pattern by Rae but enlarged a bit to fit a 3 month old and added elastic cuffs and decorations. Love this easy printable pattern!

I also made a cute bib (no photo and gave it away), a pacifier keeper (that looks like a scrunchie) and some really messed up baby pants (’cause I sewed the wrong seams together). Ah well, they probably fit a skinny teddy bear.

I am dying to get to sew and scrap and organize and clean these days. (In that order, yes.) Hoping for some out-of-the-blue energy boost this next week! Ada’s 1st Birthday celebration is Saturday. Need to get crafty with decor!

Argh, and now I need to run. Squeezing in some quality time with hubby before another mad work week. Ciao.

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